The Undoing of Radical Reconstruction

The Undoing of Radical Reconstruction - The Undoing of...

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The Undoing of Radical Reconstruction (Lecture 1) I. “Redemption” A. Governments showed weakness which lead to their overthrow B. Tennessee was the first state reconstructed but was also the first to be “redeemed” redeemed in 1869 C. Confirmed what a North Carolina Democrat speculated poor whites and blacks would descend from the top back to their “places” once Federal troops were removed D. Radical reconstruction to undo white supremacy what defined the south and gave its’ distinction as a region E. Radical whites (Scalawags and Carpetbaggers) didn’t make persistent effort to give freedman social or economic equality i. Could vote and hold public office there at least blacks were equal F. A good radical is no better than a corrupt radical what conservative whites thought G. Conservative whites were hesitant to directly oppose Federal troops because that might trigger a more massive response by the north II. Two Political Parties but No Two-Party System A. One of the existing parties refused to accord legitimacy of the other B. Democrats didn’t believe that Republicans had a right to impose their beliefs on southern political rights C. Democrats refused to accept legitimacy of southern Republicans because it had been maintained by former slaves and imposed by northern Congress III. Ku Klux Klan **** A. Enacted in order to keep blacks away from the voting booths B. Organized in 1877 in Tennessee C. Founded by ex-Confederates as an organization for “innocent fun” D. Dozens of secret organizations of the south loosely called “The Klan” E. Rode in the night to intimidate blacks F. Headed by a grand wizard and then had 10 people under him G. At state level had a grand dragon then had people under him H. Leader of lodge was the Cyclopes I. Members of the lodge were called ghouls J. Loosely organized states in 1877 as “Invisible Empire of the South” all former slave states except Deleware K. Tried to get Robert E. Lee to join blessed their effort without joining it L. Strongest where parties were equal so they could help swing the vote M. Used all forms of terror N. Victims were of all ages, women, mentally ill and deranged O. Committed thousands of murders and other acts of violence before state
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The Undoing of Radical Reconstruction - The Undoing of...

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