The Undoing of Radical Reconstruction2

The Undoing of Radical Reconstruction2 - The Undoing of...

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The Undoing of Radical Reconstruction (Lecture 2) I. Coke-Davis Gubernatorial Election (1873-74) in Texas / Constitutional Convention of 1875 ***** A. Republican party lost control of legislator in 1881 but still hold onto the governor’s office B. Republican’s sponsored Davis and Democrats sponsored Davis C. Davis wanted equal access to education D. Coke defeated Davis 2-1 E. Republicans say results not validated because polls open for 1 day and not 4 F. Davis asks Grant to send military aide to ensure reelection G. Texas supreme court composed all of Davis appointees ruled that the election was unconstitutional in the “semicolon case” H. Democrats make Coke Governor but Davis refuses to step down and legislature steps in and makes Coke governor unless the Federal government steps in I. Coke and new legislature (democratic) organizes his administration on the 2 nd level of the capitol building while Davis and his administration were on the 1 st floor guarded by black soldiers J. For a few days there were 2 governors that many thought would end in battle K. Grant refuses to step in and Davis resigns as a matter of protest L. January 15 1874 Coke inaugurated M. In 1875 a constitutional convention of 65 democrats and 16 Republicans (6 blacks) held in Austin N. Constitution long and complex and included many amendments usually included in statutory enactments O. Was passed by voters and remains intact to this day even though it has been amended many times II. Louisiana White League / “Battle of the Liberty Place” A. Louisiana 1863 Henry Clay Warmoth and ___ dispute over election returns B. For 6 years one of Louisiana’s senate seats was unoccupied C. White League = Louisiana’s KKK D. Armed conflict in New Orleans: The white league was armed for a show- down. Over 3,500 men of the white league fought a brief battle with Governor Kellogg’s troops. The white league took control of the city; Grant ordered federal troops to the city and the white league had to give up the city. The sending of troops forced white leaders to temporarily give up the control
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The Undoing of Radical Reconstruction2 - The Undoing of...

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