rterm - int Wscrl( WINDOW *, int ); int Wrefresh( WINDOW *...

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/* Remote Terminal Window Header R This is a substitute header to be used by a client program, which redirects some curses calls to stubs to access Remote Procedure Call. */ * #include <curses.h> /* curses info */ #include <errno.h> /* errno variable */ * // A function to accept a message from the internet // and then interpret as a function call. int netcmd(); i // These function prototypes act as wrappers to existing curses functions / int Mvwdelch( WINDOW *, int, int ); int Mvwaddch( WINDOW *, int, int, int ); int Mvwaddstr( WINDOW *, int, int, char * );
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Unformatted text preview: int Wscrl( WINDOW *, int ); int Wrefresh( WINDOW * ); i // And these will define macros to replace calls to curses // functions with calls to the functions above. // They will be used to allow us to modify a remote screen. / #undef mvwdelch #undef mvwaddch #undef mvwaddstr #undef wscrl #undef wrefresh # #define mvwaddch Mvwaddch #define mvwdelch Mvwdelch #define mvwaddstr Mvwaddstr #define wscrl Wscrl #define wrefresh Wrefresh...
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