GenEd NOTES Friday 8-28-09

GenEd NOTES Friday 8-28-09 - GenEd NOTES 8-28-09 why is...

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GenEd NOTES 8-28-09 why is bipedalism so important in the evolutionary history of our species. . CHanges associated with evolution of bipedalism. .larger heels, frame and magnum, shake spine, arch in feet, bull shaped pelvis supports internal organs, arms shorter than legs, opposable thumbs, Homo Habillis (handy man) general characteristics -carnivores and herbivores--> found cut marks on bone –able to obtain the bones of larger animals , able to get into group to cooperate and make a kill. ..— -larger brains—making tools, weapons, brain takes up a lot of energy, so now there is more access to meat to grow bigger brains. . --reduction of face, teeth, and jaws, accessable to fire, so its easier on the teeth. HOMO ERECTUS -characteristics first to leave africa—adapting, moving into new enviroments, colder enviroments (fire helped) – 1.8 mya- 200,000 yrs ago larger brain 1000cc -reduced sexual dimorphism, about what it is for us. ..males are coopering and not fighing all the time. get together in social groups and accomplish things. -Behavior Acheulian handaxe— chip off stone to make it sharper, thinking 2-3 steps ahead and thinking if i chip off now, where will it be the next time i sharpen? adaptation to new envirometns -family groups— HOMO SAPIENS neanderthalensis -Characteristics -200,000-30,000 years ago -adapted to cold larger brain, 1500cc but may have been organized differently than ours. Behavior -more complex tools—(mousterian) tools is what they were called. .. -buried dead, care of wounded
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GenEd NOTES Friday 8-28-09 - GenEd NOTES 8-28-09 why is...

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