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Gen Ed 110, Study Guide for Exam #1 Battle for the Pharoahship of Egypt! You have the power within you to win the highly coveted Egyptian Pharaoh statue symbolic of both the highest score on exam #1 in Gen Ed 110 and the human incarnation of the Egyptian sun god Re! May the power of Re be with you! Identifications: Six of the below terms will appear on your exam and you will be asked to identify four of them (10 pts. each). Remember to answer each term with regards to who/what, when, where, and especially why is it historically important . These terms were all discussed in lecture, videos, and/or your textbook in chapters 1-3. Neolithic Revolution Legalism Hammurabi Cuneiform Uruk Tutankhamun Phoenicians Hebrews Cyrus the Great Zoroastrianism Narmer Palette Pyramids of Giza Harappan Civilization Aryans Battle of Kadesh Daoism Siddhartha Gautama Assyrians Confucianism Qin Shi Huangdi Essays: One of the following two essays questions will appear on your exam (40 pts.). Be sure to answer
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