syllabus - 1 1 General Education 110: World Civilizations...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 1 General Education 110: World Civilizations to 1500 A.D. Section 9 M, W, F 1:10 to 2 pm CUE 202 Section 12 M, W, F 2:10 to 3 pm CUE 202 Instructor: Dr. Neal Endacott Office: College Hall 302 Office Hours: M - Th 4:00-5:30 pm, or by appointment Phone (509) 432-9128 Email: [email protected] Teaching Assistant Section 9: Teaching Assistant Section 12: Tess Rond Jeannine Schneider Office: 302 c Wilson Hall Office: 336 Wilson Hall Office Hours: M, W, F 12-1 Office Hours: M, W, F 3:10 – 4:00 Email : [email protected] Email: [email protected] Required Readings : Textbook: Duiker, William J. and Jackson Spielvogel 2007 World Civilizations I, General Education 110, at Washington State University . Vol. I. Additional Required Readings Available on E Learning: De Sahagun, Bernardino Fray 1976 1547-1577 A History of Ancient Mexico: The Religion and the Ceremonies of the Aztec Indians , pp. 51-71. The Rio Grande Press, Glorieta, New Mexico. Kitasawa, Shinjiro 1995 Shintosim and the Japanese Nation. T he Sewanee Review , Vol. 23, No. 4, pp. 479-483. The Johns Hopkins University Press. Reilly, Kevin 2007 Worlds of History: A Comparative Reader, Volume I to 1550 A.D. The Urban Revolution and Civilization: Mesopotamia and Egypt 3500-1000 B.C.E . pp. 29-65. Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2 2 Boston. Durant, Will 1961 The Story of Philosophy , Plato pp. 5-34, Aristotle and Greek Science 41-73. Simon and Schuster Paperbacks. New York. Katz, Solomon 1955 The Decline of Rome and The Rise of Mediaeval Europe , Decline and Fall pp. 70-84. Cornell University Press, Ithaca, New York. Web Based Readings : China: , accessed August 20, 2009. Mankato State University. The Mongols in World History: , accessed, August 20, 2009. Columbia University. E-Learning: Because I tend to cover a lot of material rather quickly, to aid your note taking my power point presentations will be available for you to download form the class e-learning website as PDF files. There will also be other information pertinent to the course available for you there, syllabus, evaluation criteria for various assignments, readings, etc. Course Objectives: To provide basic knowledge concerning the major world civilizations; including an awareness, understanding, and appreciation of their great art, thought, and achievements. To engage imaginatively and empathetically with the lives and issues of people in different times and places. To provide an understanding of the role of culture in human life; its relation to our species; and some of the fundamental dynamics of cultural change. To encourage development of a broad international perspective as a background for understanding the contemporary world, including issues related to the diversity of American society....
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syllabus - 1 1 General Education 110: World Civilizations...

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