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what is culture grading sheet - Part of the goal of this...

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Evaluation Criteria for What is Culture? Assignment 30 points total (Due Fri Sept. 4) This assignment asked you to link a definition of culture with the application or use of that definition in a 1 1/2 -2 page essay, and you were asked to use 12 point font, double spacing and 1” margins. You were graded, in part, on how well you unified your essay by applying the definition you developed in the first part of your essay to the second part. The best essays clearly based their interpretation of a cultural phenomenon upon their definition of culture (providing specific examples to illustrate points was helpful). You may construct your own definition of culture or use a preexisting definition: This link has several definitions, if you use somebody else’s definition be sure to cite and reference your source http://www.wsu.edu/gened/learn-modules/top_culture/culture-index.html . This was worth approximately 75% (20 points) of the 30 points ____/20
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Unformatted text preview: Part of the goal of this course, as stated on the syllabus and discussed in class, is to develop your writing skills and ability to express your ideas clearly. Thus about 33% (10 points) of your grade was based on your writing in terms of organization, clarity of writing, grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. Organization (Introduction, Body, and Conclusion) Was there a coherent and well thought-out flow to your essay? This makes a big impression on the reader____/5 points Clarity of Writing Did you write in a way that clearly expresses what you are trying to convey? ____/5 points You were deducted 1 pt. for each grammar, spelling, and punctuation error, and lack of use of 12 point font, double spacing, 1” margins, etc. _________ Total points ____/30 Please staple this piece of paper to the back of your essay, but if you forget to do so, no problem....
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