Human Predation - (Human Predation 11.1 A Fallacious...

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(Human Predation) 11.1. A Fallacious argument First, I must address the argument in the Ehrlichs paper. It focuses on nineteenth- century hunters who viciously caused the extinction of the passenger pigeon and the near- extinction of the American bison. If this is an implicit attack on human predation, this is a shameful piece of work. Every group, including women, medical doctors, priests, politicians, minority races, southerners, and hunters have their bad seeds and dark past. There have been evil women who have murdered, tortured, and stolen. Many women of the past allowed themselves to be intimidated into a refusal to speak against social injustice. Do we blame the women of today? Medicine has an evil past with its leaches, blame of mental illness on moral transgressions, and policies of exclusion of minority races and women from the profession. Today, there are a few medical professionals who take sexual advantage of their patients and charge Medicare for work done on phantom patients. Is this cause for an indictment of the profession? The ancestors of many southerners either kept slaves or condoned the practice. the parents and grandparents of most Germans supported Hitler. that a group has a dark past or that a few of its members are guilty of evil deeds proves absolutely nothing. To castigate modern hunters by reference to the distant past or by reference to the acts of its most irresponsible members is what we call the fallacies of hasty generalization and guilt by association. 11.2. Types of human predation A rational analysis of the ethics of human predation can only concern itself with the ethics of the continuance of these activities from now into the future. There are a few key distinctions to keep in mind: 1. Predation by natives using traditional means. 2. Predation by natives using modern tools such as rifles, snowmobiles, and power boats. 3. Subsistence hunting and fishing using modern tools by non-natives who lack alternative sources for calories and protein. 4. Sport hunting and fishing using primitive tools.
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5. Sport hunting and fishing using modern tools within a system of rules and regulations set forth by knowledgeable game management officials. 6. Unregulated sport hunting and fishing.
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Human Predation - (Human Predation 11.1 A Fallacious...

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