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Energy Sources Experimental Design Assignment Objective: Each team will submit a report communicating the details of their designed and implemented experiment. The document should be thorough and concise. The document will be scored to using the Grading Form defined in the elearning “Experimental Design Submission” page. Document Format: General: o Title Page: Experimental Design – Energy Efficiency – ENGR 120, Team#, Team Members o Format: 1” margins - 12 pt font o Pictures – sized and word-wrapped as needed o Spelling and Grammar Purpose: o Briefly describes course project and activities. o Shared the experimental question asked and the prediction of results. Experimental Design o A clear description of the equipment, function and use. o A specific discussion of all variables (controlled, manipulated and responding) _ How are they maintained or changed throughout the experiment.
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Unformatted text preview: o The experimental procedures _ Sufficient detail to allow others to replicate your experiment. o Observations _ Operational and measurement notes highlighting initial problems and corrective actions taken, general descriptions of the measurements reliability, repeatability, stability, other comments relative to explaining or interpreting the data taken. Data and Analysis o Tables and/or graphs that shares the recorded data. o A brief discussion of the data describing reliability of values and/or trends in the data taken. Conclusion and Recommendations o Answers the experimental question by clearly referring to characteristics of the data taken. o Describes specific improvements to the same experiment and/or recommends another specific experimental question....
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