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Engr120R01A1-Jordan - Tower Design Challenge Nick Jordan...

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Tower Design Challenge Nick Jordan - ENRG 120 – Group A 03 1) General: The picture on the left shows our recorded height of 3.7 cm. The picture on the right is just a picture of our structure we concluded to as a team. 2) Calculations: Parts Used: 1 yellow washer Total Cost $1, and Tower height is 3.7 cm. Efficiency Calculations: $1.0 / 3.7cm = 27.03 ($/cm) 3) Key Ideas: When trying to decide how to design our tower we started out by calculating each piece and their cost efficiency. We decided that the red rod was the most efficient building material for the price. We stood the red rod up on its end and decided that would be our tower. After taking a closer look at the directions (to build the most cost efficient free-standing structure) we measured the cheapest item available which was the yellow washer at $1. We concluded that if you stand the yellow washer up on its end, that it is the most cost efficient free standing structure that we could create.
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