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Engr120R02A03 - Case Study 3 NSPE Case No 98-3 Use of...

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Case Study 3 NSPE Case No. 98-3 Use of CD-ROM for Highway Design Group A3-Nick Jordan, Christina Powell Engineer A, a chemical engineer with no facilities design and construction experience, receives a solicitation in the mail. “Engineers today cannot afford to pass up a single job that comes by -including construction projects that may be new or unfamiliar.” This new CD-ROM provides specifying, designing and costing out any construction project. The program advertises that it’s as easy as pointing and clicking your mouse. Your education or experience does not matter when working with this program. Anyone can use this new CD-ROM. Engineer A orders the CD-ROM and begins to offer facilities design and construction services.
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Main Ethical Issue Section II.2. - Code of Ethics: Engineers shall perform services only in the areas of their competence. NSPE goes by the concept that all individuals qualified as an engineer
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