Engr120R02A03-energy - Experimental Design Energy...

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Experimental Design Energy Efficiency ENGR 120 - Team 03 Nick Jordan
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The purpose of this experiment was to design and complete an experiment that will help our team understand the energy efficiency of the energy transfer generator with a wind turbine assembly. Our question asked was how does the energy efficiency of the system change when the incident wind speed is changed? Our group predicted that at lower wind speeds we will get less energy efficiency from our wind turbine generator. One 20”, 3 speed box fan was used to supply our energy input for the experiment. We calculated the energy input by the formula ½ x p x A x v³. Where (p) was the air density 1.2 (source wikipedia), (A) was the turbine area, and (v) was the wind speed. This equation gave us the available power in watts. Next was one ring stand that was used to hold up our pasco energy transfer generator with a wind turbine attachment. This set up was used to calculate our energy output for the experiment. In our experiment we also had one meter stick which was used to set a distance from the fan to the generator, find the distance from the turbine to the table, and find the fan turbine area. When the fan was turned on we used one anemometer to measure the wind speed, and one multimeter which was used to measure the electrical voltage coming out of the generator. In our experiment we used a variety of different variable each of which had a specific purpose in answering our teams question of how does the energy efficiency change when the wind speed is changed. The controlled variables in our experiment were the distance from the box fan to the energy transfer generator which was 12 inches. We also controlled the height of the energy transfer generator with the turbine attachment set up on the ring stand and kept it approximately 10.5 inches from the table throughout the entire experiment. Our manipulated variable which we intentionally changed was the wind speed of the box fan. We changed this speed from low, medium, and high by turning the knob on the box fan. The last variable our team monitored was
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Engr120R02A03-energy - Experimental Design Energy...

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