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Engr 120 Assignment-1 - Capacitor Experiments Group 1...

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Capacitor Experiments Group 1 Section 2 Ryan Drobny, Nick Jordan, Peter Baricevic
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Objectives: -In this experiment we became familiar in understanding sensor systems and how to set them up. We were exposed to different kinds of transducers and how they gave different readings. This experiment also had us incorporate interference into the experiment and see how the readings were affected. By adding bubbles to the water in which our sensors were, we changed the outcomes. We also saw a difference when alcohol was used as a median instead of water. Experiments: Experiment 1 – Foil Capacitor Tank Level Response Using Meterman LCR55 Experimental Questions: 1. How does the capacitance of Transducer 1 (Foil Capacitor) vary as function of tank water depth? -According to our data, the less water in the tank, the less capacitance the Transducer had. 2. Can a graph of this data accurately predict tank water depth? -A graph of the data would allow an approximation; our data was not precise enough to give back exact water level for output.
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