tatsuya project - Sensor Experiment Group#10 Alexander...

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Sensor Experiment Group #10, Alexander Thiele, Tatsuya Futai, Falah Abdulla Engineering 120, Sec. 02
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The main objective of this experiment is to analyze and report data taken thorough Capacitive Sensor Experiments and develop a list of applications of these sensors in order to be familiar with a sensor system, including transducer and attributes and limitations of adding signal processing to the transducer output. Another objective is to be familiar with the basic formulas for capacitance and the physical properties that effect on capacitance values of a capacitive transducer. This experiment—Capacitive Sensors—has 6 sub-experiments. Experiment 1: The first part of this experiment was Foil Capacitor Tank Level Response Using Meterman LCR55, which gives us the relationship between the depth of water and capacitance. Initially we set up the system by following these steps. 1. Insert Transducer 1 into tank with bottom at the valve level, and close tank valves and drains. 2. Attach meterstick to tank to measure 0-50 cm starting above tank valve. (In fact this is already set before doing experiments. 3. Fill tank to 50 cm with water, and connect Transducer 1 terminals to LRC55 Hi (+) Lo(-) terminals using Jumper #1. 4. Set LRC55 to 20n on the Farad scale to measure the capacitance. After setting up the system, we measured the capacitance by filling different amount of water into the tank, which the depth of the tank were 50 cm, 40cm, 30cm, 20cm, 10cm and 0cm. Experimental Questions 1. How does the capacitance of Transducer 1 (Foil Capacitor) vary as function of tank water depth? As the depth decreased, the capacitance of Transducer 1 also decreased. As the graph indicates,
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tatsuya project - Sensor Experiment Group#10 Alexander...

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