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Presentation Review Nick Jordan Section # 2 On April 16, 2009, I was able to attend the seminar presentation in the ETRL building room 101. The seminar was presented by Dr. Charles Pezeshki a professor in the mechanical engineering program at Washington State University. The subject matter was “Understanding EcoDesigns and associated educational opportunities”. The presentation lasted for roughly an hour including questions. This presentation was basically about what exactly Eco design is composed of. I interpreted the presentation as people from design, production, marketing, project management, and governmental regulations, needing to work together on the EcoDesign of a new product, to limit harsh environmental impacts. Environmental impacts need to be examined into the product design process in a way that tracks the products performance and impacts its overall lifecycle. For instance the consumption of resources like energy, materials, and water, and learn how to emit less CO 2 emissions to protect our environment. So people have to start thinking about
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