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Guiding Principals Guiding Principles 1: Look Beyond the Immediate Future hydropower is a renewable resource; oil, natural gas, and coal reserves may be depleted over time. Hydroelectric energy resources are home-grown. A country that has developed its hydroelectric resources does not have to depend on other nations for its electricity; hydroelectricity secures a country's access to energy supplies. Hydro energy won’t be depleted, as long as the water doesn’t dry up. Hydroelectricity is environmentally friendly. It does not emit greenhouse gases, and hydroelectric dams can be used to control floods, divert water for irrigation purposes, and
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Unformatted text preview: improve navigation on a river • Relatively low operations and maintenance costs, • The technology is reliable and proven over time Guiding Principles 2: Innovate and be Creative Guiding Principles 8: Hydro Energy Doesn’t Pollute • Fuel is not burned so there is minimal pollution • Water to run the power plant is provided free by nature • Hydropower plays a major role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions • It's renewable - rainfall renews the water in the reservoir, so the fuel is almost always there...
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