Nick comparision paper #2 mom revised

Nick comparision paper #2 mom revised - TITLE Question 2...

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TITLE Question 2 Nick Jordan GenEd 111.18 Rob Snyder March 12, 2009
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1. What are the thesis statement(s) in both articles? What proof do the author’s offer to convince us of them? If you were editing these pieces, what would you change, add, or deduct to make them stronger? Bassam Tibi wrote “Why They Can’t Be Democratic” a current explanation of the history of Islam, Islamism, and the continuing struggle for democracy. “Jefferson Versus the Muslim Pirates” was written by Christopher Hitchens, a historical account of America’s involvement in the Barbary Wars and how these conflicts initiated the establishment of the U.S. Navy and helped shape a new nation’s conscious. Both authors have very different writing styles while trying to prove their points. The topic that Tibi focused on is that Islam and democracy can work together provided certain changes are made in regards to religion. He explains in his paper very clearly the differences within the Islamic culture and how difficult the democratic process is to achieve. While Hitchens wrote an historical account about Americas continuing quest for independence which included its right to free trade world wide. They both had their opinions and stated their reasoning within their article to help the reader better understand the topic. In the article “Jefferson Versus the Muslim Pirates” Hitchens touched on various events throughout American history specifically linked to the post revolutionary war in the Barbary States that affected who we are now and how America is and always has been a significant part of global affairs . Hitchens main point of the article was to show that because of America’s first encounters with Islam, Americans independence and views of themselves and others around them was questioned, especially in regards to slavery and free trade. (Quote:??
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Nick comparision paper #2 mom revised - TITLE Question 2...

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