GENED EXTRA CREDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GENED EXTRA CREDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - GenEd 111.18 Extra...

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GenEd 111.18 Extra credit NOTES Raised in country-born in India— The sky below In order to understand the present, you have to understand the past. -a great question arises “who were the authors of the indo civilization and what are their . ..dunno --aspects of trade, social interactions, --there are more bangles? In the indo civ than any other. The tragedy that still haunts the memories of the elders - the participants - is also felt by the second and third generations. Boundary line artificially drawn dividing centuries’ old cultural bonds. The landscape, culture, history, and politics from Kutch to Kashmir in India, and from Karachi to the Khyber Pass in Pakistan. Northwest region of the Subcontinent have connections that go back millennia. In 1947, the partition of this region resulted in a legacy of suspicion After 61 years of strained relations and the ever-present, unresolved crisis in Kashmir Alexander the great crossed river in 326bc—British were last of these empire builders. -the new bounty was set by ( ) he set it from the views of a plane. -it was about separating people and drawing lines. Contribution of ( ) to the making of Pakistan. --the worst thing that has happened in this century was it worthwhile to kill millions of lives.—1100 bodies from one well
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GENED EXTRA CREDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - GenEd 111.18 Extra...

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