gen ed IDs and essay - Sick Man of Europe Who: The Ottoman...

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Sick Man of Europe Who: The Ottoman Empire What: The Empire was being help up (backed) by other countries. They were doing this in order to prevent war. They were also doing this to prevent Russia from gaining access to the Mediterranean from the Black Sea. When: 19 th century Where: Ottoman Empire Why: Herbert Spencer Who: English Philosopher What: Coined the phrase “survival of the fittest”. He applied Darwin’s theory of evolution with his own and came up with, the stronger part wins. His thoughts impacted social Darwinism, and imperialism (Colonize or be Colonized) When: 19 th century Where: Europe/Britain Why: ? Rites Controversy Who: The Chinese What: The Chinese had to make the decision between Confucianism and Christianity. When: 17 th and 18 th Centuries Where: China Why: When the Jesuits began to leave China, they began to fall behind compared to the Western Countries both scientifically and technologically Scramble for Africa: Who: European and African Nations What: European nations “scrambled” to stake their claims on regions of Africa. Berlins Chancellor, Bismarck, called for the Berlin Conference to find an agreed-upon formula to regulate the contest among the powers and to temper the most contentious disputes. The conference ended in “effective occupation”, proof that the African nations ceded their sovereignty to the Europeans who declared their right to rule. European nations had an administrative apparatus to maintain order, inderdict slave trading, and govern. When: Late 19 th century- WWI Where: All nations of Africa except for Ethiopia and Liberia Why: it showed colonization and imperialism. White man’s burden is applied, the West felt that is was their duty to bring technology, new ideas and beliefs, and religion to undeveloped Africa. Middle Passage Who: Africa, the New World, and Europe What: It was the middle leg of the triangle trade in which kidnapped Africans were sent to the New World and traded for raw materials which were sent to Europe. When:
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gen ed IDs and essay - Sick Man of Europe Who: The Ottoman...

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