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GENED NOTES - The Great War(1914-1918 WWI-the machine gun...

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The Great War (1914-1918) WWI-the machine gun being invaded was an industrialized break through; arms race for the navy; Catalyst for the 20 th century Encapsulates long time disputes Industrialization National pride Pro-war attitude Economic disputes Triple Entente- England France Russia Triple Alliance (central powers) Germany Austria-Hungary Italy Ottoman Empire War-June 28, 1914 Archduke Ferdinand; air to the Austria-Hungary thrown; wanted to make it Austrian- Hungarian-Serb Empire; Serbs didn’t want that to happen so they plan to kill him; tried to kill him but missed; assassinated by Serb Gavrilo Princip-pulled out a revolver and the archduke and his wife Domino effect-the death of the archduke sparked the war Von Schlieffen Plan-Germans fight the French first because they are more advanced; when Germany attacked Belgium, the British come into the war due to a secret document signed in 1830 WWI most deadly war to date in history (2 nd most deadly ever) Western Front Tanks-the soldiers could hide behind it and not get shot Trenches Poison gas-affective in all out war because it wounds the soldiers but doesn’t kill them; that’s good because they take up resources Shelling-fire a shit ton of artillery shells Airplanes-lead to the creation of the dog fight Zeppelins; big gas filled balloons; drop bombs out of them; German used hydrogen, but it was explosive; Germans had to because the US would not sell any helium to Germany. Subs. Loss of life USA enters war, April 6, 1917 (tips balance) German U-boats (subs)-stopped after they blew up the American ship for a while, then killed them back Zimmerman note-the note that told America Germany’s plan big cruise ship sailed between France and the US; the German blew it up and sunk it in may 1915; World War I (1917-1920) -The Aftermath-
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Russian Revolution (1917-1920)-Russia went to shit, country was falling apart Czar Nicholas II-had to take person command of the Russian Army. Rasputin Alexander Kerensky-“whites”;New leader after the Czar is over thrown; Czarists Continue WWI V.I. Lenin-had been exiled to Switzerland, the brought back to Russia by the Germans to cause problems and Leon Trotsky-“reds”; one of Lenin’s friends, he was living in New York City, making silent movies, when he was called back to Russia Bolshevik(Marxist/socialist) “peace, land, bread” Western intervention (1919), support Kerensky, West wants to isolate Bolshevik Versailles Peace Conference (1919) 14 points-national self-determination League of Nations-international gathering place, Big 4- Wilson(USA), Clemeneau(France), Lloyd-George(Britain), Orlando(Italy)-hammered out the treaty of Versailles; Germany feels betrayed- “November-criminals” Treaty of Versailles Interwar Europe (1919-1939) I. Winners A. France (search for security); paranoid a. Little Entente- Czechoslovakia-turned to Poland and Czech. To provide security to the German threat; b. Ruhr Crisis (1923)- B.
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