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HP-48G Project: Introduction to the HP-48G Purpose: To familiarize students with the matrix functions on the HP-48G, to introduce specialized software for the HP-48G, and to use that software to solve systems of linear equations. Prerequisites: Sections 1.1, 1.2 HP-48G Commands Used: RCI , RCIJ , RSWP , 1/X , STO , PURG , RND , RREF 1. Review your User’s Guide for information on entering matrices by using the command line and by using the MatrixWriter feature. 2. You are required to submit a report for each project you do. This report should be a record of your calculations, but should include more than just calculation. You should also include your comments about your calculations. Also, if a question is posed in the project, you are expected to answer it to the best of your ability, in complete sentences and with decent syntax. Failure to do so will result in a loss of credit for that question. 3. Put your calculator in the MTH directory (if it isn’t there already). You should see a menu of directories, including VECTR , MATR , and LIST . Press the MATR menu key to get into the MATR directory. You will again see a row of directories, including MAKE and NORM . Press the ROW menu key to get into the ROW directory. Take note of the following menu keys: RCI , RCIJ , and RSWP . To see RSWP , you must press NXT . To return to the first page of the ROW menu, hit NXT again.
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Introduction_to_the_HP-48G - HP-48G Project: Introduction...

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