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Before you begin the lesson, you will need to download Google Earth. The latest version of Google Earth is available at Note: Google Earth has many capabilities and features. This exercise is intended to introduce new users to the program and use some of the program’s features to explore agriculture around Mt. Kenya, Kenya, Africa. I. Introduction to Google Earth. If you are familiar with using Google Earth, you can skip this section. Click here to view the Google Earth User Guide ( http://earth.google.com/userguide/v4/ ) Once you have installed Google Earth, you are ready to launch the program, using the short cut or by clicking on it in the folder where you installed the software. Before you open the file, take a moment and explore the program . There are three panels on the left hand side that you should be aware of: Search , Places , and Layers . Any of these areas can be resized by clicking on the top of the gray box and dragging the pane up or down with your mouse. Locate your house, or a location of your choice, by typing your full address or the name of the location into the Search -> Fly to box and click the search button. In the search results, double click the address or location. Now try using the controls in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Experiment by clicking on, sliding, and dragging the slider bars, arrows, and ring ( joystick) . For more information on these navigation controls, visit the user guide. Google Earth is equipped with many layer options located under the Layers panel. To expand or collapse a layer folder, click + or -. To turn a feature on or off, check or uncheck the box. Give it a try. Check the box next to Geographic Web to see names and pictures of many features. Try typing in a popular location or the name of a well known feature like “Golden Gate Bridge” into the search box. Once you have travelled there in the 3D viewer, click on one or more of the little blue squares to see photos of that location. The National Geographic Magazine layer is another exciting layer to explore pictures and stories from around the world. II. Lesson 2. Exploring agricultural geography near Mt. Kenya Go to this site http://clip.msu.edu/teach/L2.htm and download the file Google Earth KMZ you can either choose to open it directly with Google Earth or save it to your computer, open Google Earth -> File -> Open. You should now be able to view the components of this file under Places -> My Places . If not, make sure that the boxes next to Temporary Places and the Clip Lesson 2 kmz file are both checked. Expand the file by clicking on the + sign next to My Places . You will also want to check the box next to Terrain beneath Layers . If you still have items listed in the
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L6_CLIP_Google_Earth_Excercise - Welcome to the Google...

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