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Michigan State University Department of Economics 1 Survey of International Economics (EC 340 – Section 730) Summer 2009 D ESCRIPTION All material for this course is designed to be delivered entirely on-line. Exams are to be taken on campus for students within a 75-mile radius, with alternate arrangements for students outside of that radius. The content of this course can be divided into four different areas: (a) trade patterns (which countries export which goods and why); (b) trade policy (the effects of government intervention in international trade); (c) international monetary economics (what determines exchange rates and the balance of payments); and (d) international macroeconomic policy (what are the implications of different types of international monetary arrangements for the effectiveness of monetary and fiscal policy). The first two areas comprise issues in international trade , while the last two areas comprise international finance Our study of each of these four areas will include some theory, empirical observation, historical context, and contemporary applications. Students taking this course should have a solid background in introductory microeconomics and macroeconomics. In particular, we will be making heavy use of the concepts of supply and demand, the production possibilities frontier, aggregate supply and aggregate demand, and national income accounting. O BJECTIVES The main objectives of this course are: z To become familiar with the basic facts of international trade and finance, particularly as they pertain to the United States. z To gain an appreciation of the history and institutions underlying today's global economy. z To develop a consistent theoretical framework in which international economic problems can be analyzed.
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Michigan State University Department of Economics 2 R EQUIRED T EXT There are no required text books for this course. All of the required material is accessible from the internet. If you are uncomfortable taking a course without a text, I can suggest a selection of excellent books you can use to supplement your study. R
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Syllabus__EC_340-V_Summer_2009_ - Survey of International...

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