Meeting1 - Board Meeting #1: August 27, 2009, Yay! We...

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Board Meeting #1: August 27, 2009, Yay! We outlined the weekly practice schedule for this semester and discussed who would coach what. This is what we came up with: o MWF (7-8 OR 8-9/ 7:30-8:30), core class (Robyn, Dave Pennys, Kenny, Mike (Lindsey’s friend) Blue Gym under construction until mid-September Discuss space later o Swim: M (8pm) ; Speiker or Hearst, contact people who use pool o Track: Th (5pm); Technique Swim (8pm) Seth [Probably Hearst] o Wednesday: Swim (6pm-7pm); Dave o Sunday: Long-course Swim (8pm) Mike Sontag o Sunday: Run (9am) Mike (Lindsay’s friend) o Saturday: (9am) Bike (Coach John) Keeping Girl’s and Guy’s ride o Friday: Charley; 4pm (?) o Wednesday: Ride (Morning) o Tuesday: Spin, Find someone** - Kevin: Contact people who use Speiker to solidify swim time/ Contact Penneys about coaching Wednesday night swim/ Find someone for a Tuesday spin class/ Decide time for Core and who can coach - Lindsay: Contact your friend Mike regarding the Sunday morning run (as well as information about joining/coaching the team) Web Site: Hannah has a friend that can spice up our website. We offered to give her free membership for her work. - Hannah: Contact her and give her the details of what we are looking for (Content Management System that gives members the ability to update their own profile, maybe have some sort of Twitter aspect to do short postings…/ Page that lists all of our sponsors) We discussed the bike jersey order and Ryan said that it is taking longer than expected because the RSF sucks. - Ryan: Check in with the order and see if there is an expected arrival date (?)
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A consensus was made that we should offer a stipend to offset the costs of parking and gas for our commuting coaches. A tentative amount was set at around $100.00/ each but Kevin mentioned getting in contact with these coaches and asking how much they believed it costs them. -
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Meeting1 - Board Meeting #1: August 27, 2009, Yay! We...

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