chem poster Conclusions

chem poster Conclusions - cold temperatures. • Light is...

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There is indeed a chemical reaction that occurs inside the glow stick. But contrary to what was believed, there is a glass tube inside the glow stick that breaks to allow Hydrogen peroxide and the Ester to mix. The light produced changes colors because of specific dyes in the glow stick, not because of the general chemicals in all glow sticks. The experiment performed confirmed that there is a chemical reaction going on as the hotter the glow stick got, the brighter it became. The colder the glow stick got, the dimmer it became, up to the point where almost no reaction was occurring. This happened because the atoms of the molecules were moving extremely slow under
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Unformatted text preview: cold temperatures. • Light is produced from the changing of energies that are produced all inside the glow stick. Overall, the glow stick does not change temperatures because all the energy it uses is already inside. No energy is taken or given from any outside source. • If the excited electron were to escape the atom, no light would be produced. A very specific amount of energy is needed to raise the electron to a point where the maximum amount of light will be produced when the electron is lowered without breaking it apart from the atom....
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chem poster Conclusions - cold temperatures. • Light is...

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