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lab 1 - actually testing it to save materials and time 5...

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1. the airbag volume in my first experiment was slightly smaller than what I had initially predicted. 2. When a slight difference occurs, it is almost always due to human error. I believe that the source of the difference was a slight miscalculation when measuring the chemicals. For example, we said that there was .50 grams of NaHCo3, when there could have been a little bit more/less than that. 3. The 1:1 ratio did not go to completion because the measurements we conducted were not exact, again due to human error. I can tell because the maximum amount of volume was not attained when tested. 4. To find out how each chemical affected the rate of CO2 production, we figured out a rate of change for the reaction, which we then used to predict the volume of the bag before doing the experiment. This allowed us to change the amounts of chemicals we added and estimating what would happen before
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Unformatted text preview: actually testing it to save materials and time. 5. Because our rate of change did not work very well, the majority of our lab was done through mechanical strategies. We made several tests, each time proportionally increasing the amount of chemicals. When we reached a trial where the amount of CO2 was less than the previous trial, we would then reduce the chemical amount slightly to try and get the maximum production of CO2. 6. This method would not be suitable for airbags at all. The amount of time it takes for NaHCO3 and Ch3COOH to react is quite substantial. In an automobile airbag, time is of the essence and it must be inflated in milliseconds, something the two chemicals just cannot do. During the experiment, I also had to vigorously shake the bag just to get the chemicals to mix, something that will most likely not happen in a car accident....
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lab 1 - actually testing it to save materials and time 5...

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