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experiment 4 - Carlos Caceres Whittling Down the...

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Carlos Caceres Whittling Down the Possibilities Discussion- Using the dipole moment, solubility, density, and boiling point, the 4 unknown substances given at the beginning could be identified. Rubbing a rod with cloth and making it electrostatic measured dipole moment. A small amount of unknown liquid was slowly streamed down and observed. If the unknown was attracted/repelled from the rod, it had a dipole moment because the electrostatic rod attracts/repels charges. This was done for all 4 substances. Density was then measured for all 4 substances. Water and the unknown substance was added to a test tube. If a layer formed, then the unknown was insoluble. The top layer was then pipetted out and added to a small amount of NaCl. In this experiment water is the only thing that can dissolve NaCl so if it dissolved, it meant we had taken out water (water is polar so it can dissolve polar NaCl), making the substance denser than water. If NaCl didn’t dissolve, it meant that the unknown was taken out and that it was less dense than water. If the substance did dissolve in water, obviously it’s soluble in water. to test boiling point, the unknown was heated using a sand bath and a digital thermometer was used to measure vapor as soon as it was created. The
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experiment 4 - Carlos Caceres Whittling Down the...

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