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odysseus outline - Carlos Caceres English R1A Homer's...

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Carlos Caceres English R1A Homer’s odyssey is essentially a dynamic portrayal of a true hero. Many other novels and stories have heroes in them, but most fall into a generic, boring mold of what people believe a hero should be. Although the Odyssey follows some of these characteristics, it delves much deeper into the human persona. Whether Homer has Odysseus struggling physically or Penelope struggling emotionally, the characters become realistic. The characters suffer and make mistakes, revealing their vulnerability. the only characters without these faults are the gods, which are used as tools to help the humans. No human in the story is truly without a weakness. This vulnerability makes creates a realistic character that a reader can relate with. This relation makes the reader connect with the character more. To represent a rational, believable version of a hero, characters use a more sophisticated definition of a hero contrasting the selfless images seen elsewhere. Major Supporting Idea 1- How Odysseus is portrayed as a hero.
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odysseus outline - Carlos Caceres English R1A Homer's...

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