notes 5 - there are people living on crete Cyclades(circle...

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Unformatted text preview: 9/16/08 there are people living on crete, Cyclades (circle islands), and the mainland of Greece, primarily on the southern part. Early on, there are very close connections on the artifacts they used like pottery, metalwork, housing, the way people are buried, etc. Because of this, they may have been of similar ethnic background that spoke the same language. Ossos and nth are city names. It’s a more ancient place because they come from an earlier language before greek came to the area. The Cycladic people 3200BC-2000BC the earliest bronze age date of the 3 places. This is most likely because of island hopping; things from the east came to the islands first, where they used it first, then went to crete and then the mainland. Islands were primarily farming and fishing communities. I ts strange because there is very little dirt on the islands, most of it is marble. They are situated on 3 tectonic plates and incredibly prone to earthquakes. Because of this, they cant reallyhold a huge population. They became really good with the sea and the islands themselves, “farming” and using the marble they are on. Their pottery is alright, but never becomes amazing. They cut into the pottery before it was fired. After a while, they are influenced by other people so they start making light, colored pottery. A common one was a righton....
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notes 5 - there are people living on crete Cyclades(circle...

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