notes 6 - 9/18 the people of Knossos developed a writing...

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9/18 the people of Knossos developed a writing system. There was a group of people that worked specifically in that section, but no one else knew how. It was a closed system. It reflects their language. It’s a linear script that probably represent syllables, sounds. Put on unbaked clay tablets. About 1450BC, Knossos is once again destroyed. This time the mainland Greece people were probably responsible for it. It was rebuilt shortly after, the only one rebuilt. It became the center of the entire island until it was destroyed again on 1380 BC. The Cyclades become the middle of trade. They pick and choose what they want from other cultures, including the people themselves. Thera/Santorini is an island/volcano that erupted most violently around 1600BC that caused the island to pretty much explode. 50 feet of material covered a town so its very well persevered. Wood and mud bricks were able to survive very well. Since most of the walls survived, the frescoes also survived, which is cool. The site itself is Acroterie, meaning peninsula. There are no victims in the town, like they evacuated or we haven’t found them yet. There also isn’t a lot of jewelry or precious metals and stuff. No animals either! Men with armor are in the boat of the fresco that was found. There are several cities with people with weapons ready to meet the travelers, one of the groups was most likely greek
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notes 6 - 9/18 the people of Knossos developed a writing...

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