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10/9 the chariot race was the highlight of the games. They also do boxing and wrestling. They throw rocks and do archery. Achilles entranced is delayed a lot. It makes for a very big entrance and the king says he wasn’t at fault for what happened. Achilles agrees with him. They all blame the woman that brought all this. Too bad he doesn’t believe any of it. He just wants to go out and fight while knowing how to play the game. Before they go out and fight, Odysseus says the troops have to go out and eat. That’s one of the differences between gods and men, they have to eat. Food made them very humanized. Zeus lets the gods go into the fight because he doesn’t want fate to come too quickly and his plan is done so he is kind of bored. He brought glory to Achilles so his plan is done. The gods decide to fight each other which entertains him. Achilles is just bad ass. He has horses that talk! Fuck yea! Hes still mortal so the river almost killed him and the gods had to save him from
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