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Unformatted text preview: Post lab 10 questions: 1. Suppose an un-stretchable string: The fundamental mode of a given string under a given tension is at frequency f1. If we pulled the string 144 times more taut, what is now the frequency of the fundamental mode in terms of f1? 2. If you replaced the string with a light-weight thread of 1/9th its mass per unit length, how would the frequency change? 3. How are the frequencies of various modes (n=1 is the first mode, n=2 is the second) related? What is the experimental evidence that supports this? How do the wavelengths of higher frequency modes relate to lower frequency modes? What experimental evidence supports this? 4. **What is the "end effect" in this experiment? What part of your graph shows this end effect? 5. **Explain why tuning a sting on a stringed instrument (guitar/piano/violin) is different that tuning a wind instrument (flute/trumpet/saxophone). (you might find this helpful http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuning_(music) ) Prelab 11 questions: 1. What is the temperature in Kelvin of: a. Boiling point of water b. Freezing point of water c. Boiling point of Nitrogen (diatomic) d. Absolute zero e. Room temperature 2. What is the a. Latent heat of fusion for H20 (ice to water) b. Specific Heat of Water c. Specific Heat of Ice d. Latent Heat of vaporization of N2 (liquid to gas) 3. What takes more energy to raise one degree, water or ice? 4. Make sure you read the lab before you come. 5. WEAR CLOSED TOED SHOES NEXT WEEK 6. Optional: Bring in something small that has water in it so we can freeze it with the liquid nitrogen and break against the floor. We will talk about it in class. ...
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