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MCDB 20: CONCEPTS OF BIOLOGY Summer 2009 Lectures: MTW 12:30-1:55 Chem 1171 Discussion Section required Professor: Jim Cooper ([email protected]) Office: LSB 3115 hrs: R 11:30-1:30, or by appt. Teaching Assistant: Aaron Newman ([email protected]) Office: LSB, 3113 hrs: F 1-12, or by appt. Textbook: What is Life? Jay Phelan 1 st edition 2010 WH Freeman. Course website COURSE OBJECTIVES. Biology is the science of life, and biological processes take place over dramatic ranges in space and time. Sophisitcated microscopes enable some biologists to visualize molecules and cells at the nano-scale, while satellite sensors allow others to visualize biological processes operating on a global scale. Fundamental processes used by photosynthetic organisms to capture solar energy happen in femto-seconds, almost too fast to be observed by the most sophisticated physics instruments, while evolutionary and biogeochemical processes are taking place over millions of years, far too slow for humans to observe directly. As new technologies reveal ever more detailed views of living systems, unprecedented opportunities arise for us to directly affect the destiny of our species and the future of our planet. The primary objective of this course is to help you become bio-literate and provide you with both a greater appreciation of our living planet and with sufficient knowledge and enable critical evaluation of biology-related issues in your own world. COURSE ORGANIZATION. The breadth of the biological sciences allows many alternatives for organizing any general biology course, and a 6 week summer course is too short to cover everything in biology. I chose a subset of important biology topics for this course, and a
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This note was uploaded on 09/14/2009 for the course MCDB 20 taught by Professor Cooper during the Summer '08 term at UCSB.

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mcdb20Su09syl_pdf - MCDB 20 CONCEPTS OF BIOLOGY Lectures...

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