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MCDB 20: Concepts of Biology Summer Session B Lecture Outline –Course Logistics Syllabus Grades Discussion Sections –ScientiFc Thinking (Chapter 1) –Chemistry of Life (Chapter 2) 2 MCDB 20 OBJECTIVE : “Bio-Literacy” Biological Sciences are critical in many aspects of society: Human Health / Medicine Plant and Animal Agriculture Environment Textbook: 1 copy in RBR Lecture ! Discussion Lecture: Textbook Concepts MTW 12:30-1:55 Jim Cooper jcooper@lifesci.ucsb.edu Discussion: Controversial Topics R 11, 12:30, or 2 Aaron Newman a_newman@lifesci.ucsb.edu Course logistics Date Topic Reading M Aug 3 Basics Ch 1,2 T Aug 4 Cells and cell physiology Ch 3 W Aug 5 Energy in biology Ch 4 M Aug 10 (Low) DNA and biotechnology Ch 5 T Aug 11 (Low) Chromosomes, cell division, cancer Ch 6 W Aug 12 (Low) Mendel’s laws of inheritance Ch 7 M Aug 17 Evolution and natural selection Ch 8 R Aug 18 Origin and diversity of life Ch 10 W Aug 19 Animal Diversity Ch 11 M Aug 24 Plants and ±ungi Ch 12 T Aug 25 Microbes Ch 13 W Aug 26 Population Ecology Ch 14 M Aug 31 Ecosystems and Communities Ch 15 T Sep 1 Conservation Biology Ch 16 W Sep 2 Plants, Microbes and People - M Sep 7 LABOR DAY HOLIDAY T Sep 8 Human Health and Nutrition - W Sep 9 Review Session 6 TENTATIVE Lecture Topics YOUR GRADE The grade you earn in this course will be based on: Quizzes & ±inal Exam based on lectures, book • Online Quizzes (40 pts) – 5 quizzes. drop low score – open book/open notes – 15 min time limit (open from 6 pm to 6 pm) – quiz dates announced in class • ±inal Exam (100 pts) – Multiple Choice and True/±alse – Thursday, Sept 10 during Discussion Section – Scantron provided – NO Make-up Exams 8 Aug 6 ±oundations of science, Research Ethics Aug 13 Testing and improving the human genome Aug 20 Darwin vs. Intelligent Design Aug 27 Stem cells and human cloning Sep 3 Performance enhancing drugs Discussion (80 pts) Read articles on website. Groups assigned to lead discussions on Controversial Topics. Grade based on written synopsis of articles, proposed discussion questions, AND participation
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Homework Project (80 pts) • Identify two interesting current Bio-News stories in two different areas: –Plants/Microbes –Ecological/Environmental –Humans/Biomedicine • sources: CNN, BBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, Associated Press, Reuters, Washington Post, LA Times, NY Times, etc. 10 current • Current = published after May 30, 2009. Bio Homework Project • research the science behind each story • write 2-3 page paper about 2 news stories – ~ 500 words total – must include: your name, titles for the articles, URL links to stories • work on project individually or in groups • submitted paper must be individual product 11 GRADES The grade you earn in this course will be based on: Quizzes (4 @ 10 pts each) 40 pts Final Exam 100 pts (given in Sections: R Sept 10) Discussion 80 pts Homework Project 80 pts TOTAL 300 pts NO Make-Up Exam What is Biology? the scientiFc
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Lecture1_MCDB_20.pdf - MCDB 20 Concepts of Biology Summer...

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