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Duncan Kenney September 1, 2009 MCDB 20 Current Bio-related Events EBB New biotechnology techniques, together with genetic research, have revolutionized the food industry. We can now identify particular genes as well as their functions, and using revolutionary techniques – gene segregation, cloning, and transfer -- extract advantageous genes from one plant specie and insert them into unrelated, inferior species. In fact, over the last decade, plants have been engineered to be more pest resistant, cold tolerant, and even more valuable. Despite the advantages of these genetically modified organisms (GMOs), some consumers and scientists have expressed grave concerns about the potential human health risks they pose, as well as their threat to an extremely complex ecosystem. In an attempt to refute these worldwide concerns, a recent article claims that Czech scientists have concluded that GMOs are not only safe, but offer many advantages over organic and natural food. Published in a comprehensive GMO study known as the “White Book,” this article concludes that GMOs can provide larger profit margins for farmers because fewer pesticides have to be used and crop yields are significantly greater. The article’s title, ‘
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1!Currentevent_BioREVISED - Duncan Kenney September 1, 2009...

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