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MCDB 20 Notes Chapter 1 1. Through its emphasis on objective observation, description, and experimentation, science is a pathway by which we can discover and better understand the world around us. a. “How do you know that is true?” 2. Biological literacy is the ability to a. Use the process of scientific inquiry to think creatively about real world issues related to biology b. Communicate there thoughts with others c. Integrate these ideas into decision making 3. Scientific method is based on a empirical observation and is a flexible, adaptable, and efficient pathway to understanding the world a. Make observations b. Formulate a hypothesis c. Devise testable prediction d. Conduct a critical experiment i. To draw clear conclusions from the experiment, it is essential to hold constant all those variables we are not interested in—thus control and experimental groups should vary only with respect to the treatment of interest e.
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Unformatted text preview: Draw conclusions make revisions 4. Scientific theories do not represent speculations about the natural world, but are rather proposed hypotheses that have been strongly supported via empirical evidence for thousands of years 5. Pseudoscience and anecdotal evidence often lead people to believe that links between two phenomena exist, when in fact there are no such links 6. Science cannot give us insight into the generation of value judgments and other types of non-quantifiable or subjective information. 7. Two Major themes throughout biology a. Hierarchical Organization i. Life is organized on many different levels within individual organisms all the way into the larger world b. The power of Evolution i. Evolution, or the change in genetic characteristics of individuals within populations over time, accounts for the diversity of organisms, but also explains the unity among them...
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