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Methods Section

Methods Section - jottings I do are on my cell phone...

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Austin Jones Ms. Maghbouleh 8-27-09 Methods Section Isla Vista, not only a rowdy college town next to the University of California Santa Barbara, but also the place where my research took place. My two bedroom/two bath apartment is the main source for my field site. I spent most of my time observing my friends on my two black luscious leather couches within our cozy living room. My apartment definitely screams college, with posters of our favorite rappers, movies, drinking games, and television shows displayed on every wall. My sample population included mainly my three roommates that are all member of my fraternity and also a handful of my fraternity brothers that I had the opportunity to observe while they hung out at my apartment. I am an observing participant that uses inductive research to build on the idea that “Greek talk”(talking about ones fraternity/sorority) builds up brotherhood. I’m still covert towards my roommates and the only
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Unformatted text preview: jottings I do are on my cell phone inconspicuously. After in depth “Greek talk” conversation I usually head to my room, balcony, or quite place to elaborate on my jottings. Since I’m a member of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity I didn’t have to jump any hurdles to gain access to my field site. Being a member of a fraternity my ideas and perspective are swayed or biased. However, when elaborating on my jottings I tried to take a step back and look at situations as an outsider or non member of the Greek system. In doing so, I believe I can have a more well rounded perspective and understanding on my findings. To gain further insight, I’m planning on going overt with my roommates this weekend or maybe sometime next week. By me being overt, I can have a couple of semi-formal interviews with my roommates and expand on interesting topics and issues discovered while observing them....
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  • Fraternities and sororities, Isla Vista, bedroom/two bath apartment, rowdy college town, luscious leather couches, Austin Jones Ms.

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