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mcdb20PracticeFinal-1 - MCDB 20 FINAL EXAM 1 Four of the...

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MCDB 20 FINAL EXAM SEPTEMBER 13, 2007 1. Four of the five answers listed below are sources of genetic variation. Select the exception. a. crossing over b. mutation c. asexual reproduction d. chromosome aberration e. sexual reproduction 2. Plants do not need which of the following to carry on photosynthesis? a. H 2 O b. CO 2 c. O 2 d. lipid e. both H 2 O and CO 2 3. Four of the five answers listed below are portions of a well-known theory. Select the exception. a. Cells are the structural and functional components of living things. b. Cells arise from preexisting cells. c. All organisms are composed of cells. d. Cells are the basic living unit or organization of living things. e. All cells have a nucleus. 4. Bacteria a. have cell walls composed of cellulose. b. reproduce primarily by conjugation. c. have a single chromosome. d. are eukaryotic. e. cannot be infected by viruses 5. Cells of all multicellular organisms arise during mitosis from a single cell known as a(n) a. gamete b. zygote. c. embryo. d. clone. e. fetus. 6. Which of the following groups does NOT have specialized tissues? a. nematodes b. sponges c. echinoderms d. flatworms e. angiosperms 7. The loss of electrons from a compound is known as a. dehydration. b. oxidation. c. reduction. d. phosphorylation. e. a nonreversible chemical reaction.
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8. Which of the following is NOT dependent on the others as a food supply? a. carnivores b. herbivores c. producers d. detritivores e. decomposers 9. Many plants exist as polyploid species. for a tetraploid plant with 11 sets of chromosomes, how many chromosomes should the gametes contain a. 11 b. 22 c. 33 d. 44 e. cannot determine how many without more information 10. Which of the following does NOT cycle through an ecosystem? a. water b.carbon c.energy d.phosphorus e.nitrogen 11. The abundance of each cellular protein is regulated by a. gene transcription b. mRNA translation c. RNA splicing d. degradation e. all of the above 12. Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) are
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mcdb20PracticeFinal-1 - MCDB 20 FINAL EXAM 1 Four of the...

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