Quiz2_a_08 - Name ECONOMICS 100A QUIZ#2 TYPE A Use only a...

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Name: ECONOMICS 100A QUIZ#2: TYPE A August 26, 2008 Use only a number 2 pencil (maybe a number 3 pencil would work, but DON'T use a ballpoint). Be sure to fill in bubbles completely. The scanner does not reliably read partially filled bubbles. On your scantron sheet, print your Perm Number and your Name in the blocks provided and fill in the bubbles underneath them. On your scantron sheet, fill in the bubble for Quiz Type with the form type letter A, B, C, or D which is found at the top of this sheet. Put your name at the top of This Page. When you turn in your answer sheet, you must also turn in your copy of this front page of the exam . These sheets must be checked against your answer sheet as part of the grading process. You may keep the remaining pages of your exam if you want to keep a record of how you answered each question. Each correct answer is worth 5 points. Wrong answers are worth 0. Don't forget to fill in your Quiz Type on your Scantron! You will get 5 extra points on your score if you follow these instructions without fail.
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1. John’s utility function is u(x, y) = min {x, 2y} where x is his consumption of good x and y is his consumption of god y. The price of x and the price of y are both $10 per unit. John has income m. His Engel curve for good
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Quiz2_a_08 - Name ECONOMICS 100A QUIZ#2 TYPE A Use only a...

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