Exam1_Fall2008_FormA - IMPORTANT Fill in the circle"A...

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PHYS 172 Fall 2008 Wednesday, September 17 EXAM 1 - TEST FORM A There are two parts to Exam 1: the machine-graded part of this test, and the last page that you turn in to be graded by hand. Machine Answer Sheet: Using a pencil, fill in Last Name, First Name, & Middle Initial, plus your 10-digit Purdue University ID number. Enter Instructor (Peterson, for the 11:30 lecture, or Ritchie, for the 12:30 & 1:30 lectures), Course (PHYS 172), Date (9/17/08), and Test (1). Leave “Section” blank. You must include your Signature. The seven machine-graded problems are worth 10 points each (70 points total). If your answer is slightly different from any of the choices due to round-off errors, etc., then select the closest choice. Hand-Graded Sheet : Enter your Name, Signature, PUID, and circle your Recitation Section . The hand-graded portion is worth a total of 30 points. When finished with both parts, bring them to the front of the classroom, show your Purdue ID card to the Instructor, and turn in the machine-graded answer sheet and the hand-graded answer sheet at the same time. These two parts together are worth 100 points total. Your grades will appear in the CHIP gradebook soon. An answer key will be posted soon on the course home page. You may keep this copy of the exam. ************************************************************************ Some useful information : " r p = r F net " t " r r = v avg " t v F grav = G Mm v r 2 ; approx. mg near surface of Earth v F spring = k s s , opposite the stretch G = 6.7 ! 10 " 11 N·m 2 /kg 2 g = 9.8 N/kg c = 3 ! 10 8 m/s r p = m " r v = 1 1 # v 2 c 2 r p " m r under your signature on the answer sheet.
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Exam1_Fall2008_FormA - IMPORTANT Fill in the circle"A...

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