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Unformatted text preview: Department of Industrial Engineering & Operations Research IEOR 162 Project Fall 2008 Due Date: December 12, 2008 (1PM) Prepare a well-written, typed report on your findings. Present your results with graphs, charts, etc. and discuss your findings. You can work in groups of up to three members. You are free to form the groups as you like. Return one report per group. Orange Computer, Inc. is planning to release to the market a cool music player called jPod. Orange is well aware of the segmentation of the market into different age groups and household income levels in terms of their willingness to pay for the player. In an attempt to maximize profits, Orange decided to release four variations of the jPod player (cosmo, macro, micro, nano) at different prices. After a careful market survey, Orange determined a detailed characterization for the market, which is partly shown below: Market segment Size of Maximum price willing to pay ($) (Age, income) segment cosmo macro micro nano 13-19, 20-50K...
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