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ECON203 AL-SABEA DISCUSSION SECTION TA: Younoh Kim Email: [email protected] Office: Cubicle # 28, KAP 363 Office hour: Wednesday 10:00-12:00 Description This discussion section is a complementary class to ECON203, the Principles of Microeconomics course taught by Prof. Al-Sabea. The purpose of this section is to enhance your understanding of the course material, by reviewing relevant concepts, and solving practice / homework problems. Please bring your textbook to every section. Class Attendance: Although the attendance is not required, I strongly encourage you to attend every session, whenever possible. Class preparation: It is important that you read the assigned chapters of the textbook, lecture notes and additional articles before each section. We have a lot of material to cover, and your prior preparation will allow us to do so effectively. This way, you will be able to keep up with the pace in class, learn the material successfully, and save exam preparation time later. Course Website: Announcements, TAs office hours, and other class materials will be posted on blackboard.usc.edu Grading criteria This session is 25% of your entire class grade. The session grade will be based on: 5 problem sets, 10 points each (maximum of 50 points) 5 quizzes, 10 points each (maximum of 50 points) The homework due dates and quiz dates will be announced as we progress in the course. In order to maintain academic integrity, the quiz content may vary from section to section. Students often
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