Practice for 3rd exam - Name_ Vertebrate Physiology, Exam 3...

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Name_______________________________ Vertebrate Physiology, Exam 3 Practice Questions for Third Exam Fill in the blank with the appropriate answer When light falls on the eye, the energy is captured by rhodopsin which is located in the membrane of the ______________ . Capture of light causes an isomerization of the photopigment and activates a G protein called ________________. The activated G protein then activates a class of enzymes called __________________. The activated enzyme then converts __________ into___________. This series of events culminates in the ( opening or closing, circle one ) of channels that are permeable to ________ ions. The effect on the channels causes the membrane potential of the photoreceptor to _______________, thereby explaining the normal response of a photoreceptor to a visual signal. Name the neurosurgeon who pioneered the technique of operating on the brains of awake patients to remove foci of epileptic activity: __________________________. During the course of some of those operations, electrical stimulation of the ___________________ lobe (name the lobe of the brain) elicited distant memories of early experience. The operations were performed under (local or general anesthetic, circle one). The visual pigment in rods is ____________, which consists of two components. One component, called _____________, is an aldehyde of Vitamin A while the other is a lipoprotein called ____________. Absorbtion of light causes a photoisomerization, which changes the configuration of
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Practice for 3rd exam - Name_ Vertebrate Physiology, Exam 3...

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