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Page 11 Chemistry 232 Reactions Linda Johnson: [email protected] Exam 3 Material: Carbonyls -Name the three main different kinds of carbonyl reactions. A) B) C) -A point to remember: In acidic solutions, all intermediates that you should draw have a ______ charge. In basic solutions, all intermediates that you should draw have a ______ charge. Let’s start with Addition: In all cases with addition, the reaction stops with the __________________________/ 24) Addition of Grignard Reagents to Carbonyls a) But first, how do we make a Grignard reagent? Br Mg EtOH MgBr b) How does the resulting product react? c) Provide the reaction mechanism and product below.
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Unformatted text preview: O 1) CH 3 MgBr 2) H 3 O The following mechanisms are literally almost identical to the mechanism above. The only thing that changes is the nucleophile. Draw the nucleophile for each of the reactions below. 25) Acetylide anion addition to a carbonyl 26) Addition of hydrogen cyanide to a carbonyl 27) Addition of hydrogen to a carbonyl There are two nucleophiles that accomplish this reaction. Draw them both. Which is more active? What are we essentially adding in these cases? This type of addition is called a ___________________________....
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