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Page 13 Chemistry 232 Reactions Linda Johnson: [email protected] Exam 3 Material: Carbonyls 29) Reactions of Acyl Halides a) addition of carboxylate b) addition of an alcohol c) addition of water d) addition of an amine 30) reactions of Acid Anydrides a) addition of an alcohol b) addition of water c) addition of an amine 31) Reactions of Esters a) addition of water (hydrolysis) b) addition of an oxyanion (transesterification) c) addition of an amine (aminolysis)
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Unformatted text preview: d) addition of a Grignard (excess) e) addition of a hydride (excess) 32) Reactions of Carboxylic Acids a) addition of an alcohol (esterification) b) addition of an amine 33) Reactions of Amides a) forced addition of water on hydroxide b) addition of hydride Let’s pick one as an example. The idea is very similar for all of them. 30) a) Addition of an alcohol to an acid anhydride O O O CH 3 OH N...
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