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REVIEW FOR FINAL - MAE 105A Winter 2008 Review for Final...

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MAE 105A Winter 2008 Review for Final Examination General Information The Final Examination will be given on Friday, March 21, 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, in Kinsey Pavilion 1200B and 1240B, i.e., the class will be split in half as follows: 1200B Anders Lima 1240B Liu Yeremyan It is essential that you report to the room to which you have been assigned. The exam will be comprehensive and cover the entire course. The Final Exam will consist of two parts: Part A (25-30 Points) - Multiple Choice Questions, and Part B (70-75 Points) - Problems. The examination will be closed book and notes with property tables and Blue Books provided. You will be required to turn in Part A in order to start work on Part B . The attached Useful Information sheet will also be provided. Resources Text Lecture Notes Recitation Notes Homework Instructor & TAs List of Major Topics Covered Definition of Thermodynamics Basic Concepts: Conservation of Mass Conservation of Linear Momentum (Newton’s 2 nd Law of Motion: F = m a ) Conservation of Energy Closed Systems and Control Volumes: Closed System Control Volume System and Control Volume Boundaries Surroundings Simple Compressible System State Postulate Isolated System
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Phase State Thermodynamic Equilibrium: Thermal Mechanical (Pressure) Chemical Phase Pure Substance Saturation Thermodynamic Properties: Intensive Properties Extensive Properties Pressure Temperature Volume Specific Volume Density Internal Energy Enthalpy Quality Constant-Pressure Specific heat Constant-Volume Specific Heat
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