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Notes 8.28.09 - i Changes came gradually because they...

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8/28/09 Pre-Colombian Texas I) Early Migration a. Limited knowledge of it i. Humans lived in TX 10,000 yrs before Europeans showed up 1. They were adaptive ppl (ie. The atlatl) ii. Hot and dry weather cycles 1. Natives moved a. Crops b. Animals II) Lubbock Lake Landmark a. Lots of remnant of native American life found b. Lots of water c. Lots of tall grass i. Lots of animals for hunting III) Agriculture a. Caddoes i. Lots of evidence ii. Still able to study them today IV) Migration a. Natives went West to East b. Europeans went north to south c. Many animals i. Bison
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ii. Mammoth iii. “tropical paradise”=LBK V) Natives a. No ethic desire for using every part of animal i. They did it because they needed to b. After 4-5 centuries of survival, they needed to change course i. Climate change 1. Less water 2. Less grass 3. Less animals a. Often because of overhunting of small animals c. Make baskets and sandals b/c they had to
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Unformatted text preview: i. Changes came gradually because they didn’t like to change things 1. Basic needs always came first ii. Now bow and arrow but they improvised iii. Small (25-30) unites of hunters/gatherers 1. Too difficult to move whole villages iv. Migrate for brief times because of climate but usually returned 1. Often traveled east to the coast d. Late Prehistoric Period i. Technology, planting ii. More free-time = more advanced technology e. Ppl named by Europeans i. Caddoes = French name 1. Imposing European norms on Native Americans VI)Caddoes a. Broke tradition of West to east travel b. Hunter/gatherers i. Cultivated crops too 1. Corn especially = SURPLUS c. Trade networks i. Political leadership 1. Caddie = religious leader a. Hierarchy based on mothers bloodline....
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Notes 8.28.09 - i Changes came gradually because they...

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