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Brief 14.2 Vokes v Arthur Murray, Inc. District Court of Appeal of Florida, Second District, 1968. 212 So.2d 906. STATEMENT OF FACTS : The plaintiff, Audrey E. Vokes, a widow without a family, wanted to become and accomplished dancer. In 1961, she was invited to attend a “dance party” at J.P. Davenport’s “School of Dancing” which was an Arthur Murray, Inc. franchise. Vokes went to the school and received elaborate praise from her instructor saying that she was an excellent dancer. The instructor sold her 8 half-hour lessons for $14.50 each to be used within one calendar month. Over a period of less than 16 months, Vokes bought a total of 14 dance courses amounting to 2302 hours of lessons that
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Unformatted text preview: amounted to a total cash amount of $31,090.45. Vokes then realized that she did not have the potential to be an excellent dancer; she filed suit against the school alleging fraudulent misrepresentation. The trial court dismissed her complaint, she then appealed to the District Court of Appeal of Florida. ISSUE: May a statement from an individual with superior knowledge in a given subject be considered a statement of fact when there is no immediate intent to deceive and another individual justifiably relies on that statement? DECISION: No. REASONING: The appellate court sent the case back to the lower district court for a judgment....
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