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Chapter 19 - E-Contracts and E-Signatures

Chapter 19 - E-Contracts and E-Signatures - Law Society I M...

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Law & Society I Key : M W 9:30AM, Snell 213 Normal, dark blue, size 12 font: Every header found in text John Exley, ID: 0160294 Normal, black, size 12 font: Excerpts from text 10.26.08 Bold, black, size 12 font: Vocabulary from text Chapter 19: E-Contracts and E-Signatures Pages 370-383 E-Contracts: A contract that is entered into in cyberspace and is evidenced only electronic impulses (such as those that make up a computer’s memory), rather than, for example, a typewritten form. Section 1 – Online Contract Formation Online Offers o Displaying the Offer o Provisions to Include o Dispute-Settlement Provisions Forum-Selection Clause: A provision in a contract designating the court, jurisdiction, or tribunal that will decide any disputes arising under the contract. Online Acceptances o Click-On Agreements Click-On Agreement: An agreement that arises when a buyer, engaging in a transaction on a computer, indicates his or her assent to be bound by the terms of an offer by clicking on a button that says, for
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