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John Exley, ID: 0160294, 09.15.08 Journal: Judge Andrew P. Napolitano “Constitutional Chaos” To begin, I was very impressed and thoroughly captivated by Judge Napolitano’s presentation tonight. He appears to be extremely educated on law and the way in which it applies to politics and is a very entertaining speaker who succeeds in generating credibility from the audience (at least from my perspective). I think Judge Napolitano is a mixture of the Natural school of law with the Historical school of legal reasoning and thinking. He does not like change (a characteristic common in most adherers to the Historical school) while relying strongly on the Constitution, for which Natural law brought about. His conservative way of thinking and strong belief in our country’s foundation being built on the Constitution mirror my way of thinking. The Judge gained my respect from the start and because he has such experience in the world of law and politics (a career that I have aspired to since my youth), I was inclined to believe what he
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